Tuesday, March 9

Bare Bones Night

I'm busy getting caught up on gadgets such as that new "donate" button you see off to the right. It goes the same place as you may have seen on sites such as Rantwick, eh?, CommuteOrlando, CycleDog, Carbon Trace, and Cycle*Dallas. At least those are ones I know of, as of tonight. It's to help out a fellow cyclist who has gotten himself targeted for special enforcement action. I just don't like people I know to get picked on by government. I'm cranky that way.

I did my rant last night, here. It wasn't my first. Most likely it won't be my last. Tonight, I'll just pass along solid information. Eliot is in the process of getting a Reed Bates information site set up here. I also must say that I am pretty clueless about Twitter, but go to here and let me know how I'm ignorant.

For now, I'm going over to test out that donation button and make sure it works properly. Yup, it does! The tricks are pretty simple. I guess you can FINALLY add me to those that support Reed. I imagine this'll be a tough battle before it's over. I hope I'm wrong...

Step 1 - Make sure that button took you to "https"

Step 2 - Hit the "Update Total" Button BEFORE you try to Log on to PayPal

Step 3. You should see something like below and get a confirmation email
PS: I may not be able to post again for a week or maybe a bit more, so y'all have a good time now, hear?

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Chandra said...

Very nice and detailed post! Hope we get lots of support for Chip.

Thank you, Steve!

Peace :)

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