Sunday, March 21

Enjoy That Ride!

Snow Doesn't Get Much Sweeter Than This!
It snowed last night. Spring snow in North Texas. Where is global warming when we need it? Personally, I believe we're being set up for an unusually blistering hot summer, starting right about next weekend. Still, this was a uniquely nice snow. It covered all the rooftops and vegetation, while leaving the roadways and driveways as clear as one could wish. It was practically perfect for a little trip out on Frankenbike.

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I took Frankenbike out, at CycleDog's orders. By the time I made it to the entrance of an unnamed giant coffee chain, based in Seattle, the snow was disappearing fast, leaving just a little snow remaining in their token element of landscaping.

Snow in the Pathetic Coffee Shop Tree Pot
Kermit kept watch while I sampled the hot drink, along with my free refill. It WAS an enjoyable trip outside, even if it didn't actually qualify as a RIDE. Per Tracy Wilkins, a RIDE must be at least 20 miles and this was under 10.

Kermit Keeps Watch


Chandra said...

glad you got to ride. was tied up this weekend and didn't get to ride, but plan to ride next weekend and during the week.

nice helper ya got :)

peace :)

Rantwick said...

That's funny, I haven't seen snow here in London Ontario Canada for a couple of weeks now... go an' figur.

Anonymous said...

Wait, 20 miles is the cut-off to qualify for a ride? That basically eliminates just about everywhere I go. Work, book store, bike shop, grocery shopping... None of them count as rides? I mean, yeah they're short... but I'm still riding! Sorry, you just burst a major bubble for me.

Steve A said...

Hmm, Lizzylou, it appears there is a gap between Springfield's Andy Cline who advocates the "One Mile Solution" and Springfield's Tracy Wilkins who considers anything under 20 miles to not be a bike ride. I sense a post coming up on the "Missouri Twilight Zone" in the near future.

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