Saturday, March 27

Looks Like a Sideswipe Weekend - Sigh

Ed S requested references about sideswipes. Coincidentally I almost saw a cyclist, operating vehicularly, get sideswiped today. As my regular reader of this blog will probably know, I refer to vehicular cyclists as "Yeti" and Yeti sightings are rare around Tarrant County. For Rantwick's benefit, I'll note that I have photographic proof. What's more, for a few others' benefit, the motorist in question was driving a WHITE PICKUP and I got a photo of THAT as well. I'm not ready to post either of these, but it sure looks like a theme has been chosen FOR me. I was originally planning to relate some of the results of sharrow research I did while up in Seattle, but it'll have to wait. Besides, sharrows seem to be a tender topic at the moment anyway.

Regardless, here are a couple of links for Ed S to start digging into. I have NOT done the digging I'd need to do to make my own post on the subject, but be assured I WILL. PM Summer may or may not decide to make his own post on the subject. I, for one, would read it with great interest but that is entirely up to him.

This study looks very interesting REGARDLESS of what it really says about sideswipes. I recommend digging through it, even though I've only gotten a quick look myself.

A second source, without a specific link, from Keri Caffrey of CommuteOrlando:

Overtaking crash breakdown from Mighk's Orlando crash study:
Fault — Overtaking crash type — Number of crashes — % of all bike v car crashes in 2003-4
Motorist — Lost Control — 1 — 1.3%
Motorist — Misjudged Space (sideswipe) — 20 — 25.6% (1 was in a bike lane, rest were in narrow lanes)
Motorist — Unknown (not enough info) — 4 — 5.1%
My apologies to Ed S - there is enough smoke here that I'm pretty sure there's a fire, but I have not had the time to actually view the fire for myself yet. Speaking of which, I would GREATLY appreciate Ed S emailing me with details of what he finds. It will make my own investigation go quicker. It is difficult for me to predict how high quality the data will be and how well it will relate to rural cycling where the roads and intersections are few, as are the alternate routes.

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cafiend said...

Is that the same Ed S who just hit me with a very scathing comment on Citizen Rider? Here it is:

Ed Sailland said...

"Controversial"? Nah. Just daft as a brush. A "bold stand" for what, exactly? Folly? Or simply the right to cycle without a rearview mirror? (A particular point of pride with ole Chip, apparently. Something to do with him not wanting to know if anything is gaining on him, I suppose.)

I will say this, cafiend, old son -- you may be getting on in years and feeling a little stiff in the joints these days, but you can still stretch a point like nobody's business. Let's see… Patrick Henry, Rosa Parks, and now…wait for it…Chipseal.

Chipseal?! Some folks will following anything that moves, however doolally the destination. I wouldn't have put you in that class, I admit, but it seems I was mistaken. Still, it's good you've at last found a man with the mettle to carry your flag. So why not go the whole hog? Why stop at emptying your pockets of spare change? Why not put ole Chip's name in the hat for the next Nobel Peace Prize draw? It's no less than his due. After all, he's fighting for the Freedom of the Lane.

Semper Fi, guy! Keep that flag raised high. And always check commentators' credentials. Someone might be trying to put one over on you. Not ole Chip, of course. He's a Man of Principle. With some three thousand bucks of others' principal in his purse to show for it. So Let Him Ride!

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