Wednesday, March 31


H.L. Mencken, from Wikipedia
Sometimes one has to be careful about following up on things that blog commenters say. Ed Sailland, for example, mentioned H.L. Mencken, being careful to note that he usually disagreed with the man. Instead of ignoring Ed and following up on sideswipe data as I was intending, I looked into Mencken quotes and, you guessed it, now y'all can expect to see a few in the weeks to come. For today:

"All men are frauds. The only difference between them is that some admit it. I myself deny it."

OTOH, you can feel fortunate that I don't feel compelled to duel with Chandra over Ghandi quotes. He keeps enough coming to keep me satisfied. As long as he doesn't start quoting Chandra Bose, we'll all be OK.


Doohickie said...

Don't make me get out my Churchill.

Personally, I really, really like that Mencken quote. The first part of it is the setup. The second is the wisdom (which many of us will readily accept). The third part turns it on its head.

Well played, Mr. Mencken. Well played.

Lizzylou said...

I notice that he says, 'men are frauds.' I take this quote as a compliment to all womankind.

Steve A said...

Perhaps Lizzylou is correct. After all, Mencken also said: "No matter how long he lives, no man ever becomes as wise as the average woman of forty-eight."

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