Thursday, March 18

Partial Alignment

Ski Boots but no Shorts Here!
Eldest Daughter Inspects the Snow Carefully!
Sometimes I'm surprised at how psychic alignment gets spread around, changing along the way. Rantwick, here, talked about his winter cycling boots right about the time I was taking the picture at left. You'll note a repetition of the "winter boot" theme, though he went on to talk about leg shaving and similar unsavory "start of Spring" themes. My own post is also about the start of Spring, albeit under slightly different circumstances.

In my own case,  it was the annual "Spring Break" ritual in which I'm obliged to find lost items after one of my children decides to have a "yard sale." In this case, it was at our longtime home ski area of Stevens Pass, somewhere between the major metropoli of Skykomish and Yodelin, Washington.

As you will note, snow cover was reasonable for mid March.
Lotsa Snow!
On the other hand, in the afternoon, after we managed to ski pretty much all over both mountains, it started to rain. Skiing and rain really DO NOT mix, so we went to the lodge. I'll ski on ice, I'll ski in blizzards, I'll ski in slush, but rain is about where I draw the line.

At Least You Don't Get Soaked in the Lodge
Eventually, we concluded that it wasn't going to stop before closing time, so we went home...

Wetter Than the Picture. Spring in the Pacific NW
PS: We still have to go down "Wild Katz." Not enough snow coverage this year.


cycler said...

Rain while skiing- you must have felt like an Olympic athlete!

Ham said...

That's an interesting approach to handling moguls ;-)

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