Sunday, March 7

Reconsidering Kickstands

Vice Chairman Kohn's Bike Parking Strategy is Unusual!
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Some want to make cycling a "left/right" thing. It's really NOT. Seen in last Tuesday's Wall Street Journal was the photo above. I WANT my own covered parking spot. It puts the notion of the necessity for a kickstand in an entirely different light. Buddy would look silly just laid down on that nice painted garage floor, with the recessed lights overhead. The actual article tells more about Vice Chairman Kohn's bike commuting here, including a description of his commute clothing gear. Perhaps, he reads Andy Cline's Carbon Trace and subscribes to "The One Mile Solution."

I do wonder, however, why he elected to park his bike in the reserved parking garage slot rather than keeping it somewhere close at hand in his office. I imagine that the Vice Chairman of the Fed rates an office that would easily contain a bike out of sight of all but those "in the know."

At another level, I'd like to see bike commuting not considered as newsworthy in the least...


Velouria said...

Oh I just hate it when cycling is made into a "left or right" thing. Because personally I am "up".

cafiend said...

Wow, and I'm frequently down.

For bike commuting to become commonplace it will first have to go through a publicity phase. And because it involves some degree of exertion and coordination it may never fully shed a degree of daredevil image.

Doohickie said...

I like that he left it parked in his parking spot though. A nice, quiet advocacy.

As for left vs right: It is often considered left because of green tie-ins, but at least among cyclists I know here in Texas, the majority of cyclists, especially those involved in advocacy, happen to be more right than left. I think that gets lost on too many politicians: The cyclist community is a reflection of the community at large.

Steve A said...

From Doohickie today, absolutely, positively nothing that I can disagree to even the slightest degree. I might even go so far as to speculate that if I had a parking spot like that, I might consider putting a kickstand - at least on Frankenbike, for a subtly different, but still quiet advocacy. Kermit would like that.

cycler said...

I love that photo! Someday I want a job with a cushy parking spot so that I can park my bike in it!
Although I like being able to check on my bike during the day-
today every time I got up I kept checking out that gorgeous bike parked next to my desk- so exciting that I got to ride it home!

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