Tuesday, March 23

Springfield Cycling TWILIGHT ZONE

Under one mile, there is the Andy Cline, Carbon Trace One Mile Solution. Tracy Wilkins, the Springfield Cyclist, on the other hand, considers nothing to be a ride that is under twenty miles. Lizzylou noticed it first - between one and twenty miles, it appears that people in Missouri and, perhaps elsewhere, have no way to travel on bikes. For lack of a better term, we'll call it the "Springfield Cycling Twilight Zone."
Might we make a "jaunt," a "commute," a "sprint" or a "bike trip" in this nether region in between Andy and Tracy? Or, if we pass past a mile, will we enter the area between darkness and light until we pass past twenty miles? Now that I think of it, perhaps that is why we never saw Rod Serling on a bicycle...

Twilight Zone Intro - Note that Bicycles are Entirely Absent!


MamaVee said...


Tracy W said...

I look at it this way! Andy leads a sheltered life; I've expanded my horizons!

You goofball!

Steve A said...

Tracy, y'all have to admit you left yourselves open for this one. So, since it isn't a "ride," can it be called a "rid?" I guess if it's ten miles, it'd be an "id."

Now, I know there's a TW exception for commuting, but wouldn't it be more consistent to find a twenty mile route to work. Andy, for example, could ride over to your house, ride along with you, and then head off to campus. I feel fortunate that my own commute just happens to be 20 miles and I use Frankenbike for the CT rides. Harmony! I think Lizzylou should get dispensation because it is unwise to make any librarian mad. I LIKE getting books for free!

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