Saturday, April 24

Cheesing on ChipSeal!

Somewhat puckishly, ChipSeal inquires: "Hey Steve, Should I wear my earphones to Traffic Skills 101?"

I replied: "Yes, but keep them hidden!"

I must confess that even I have curiosity about how Chip does making emergency stops.

Details here. If I get the chance, I need to take the road bike for a shakedown cruise anyway and will be sure to take photographic equipment along...

NOTE TO GAIL: Search the guy!


ChipSeal said...

I hope to learn the safe way to operate in a door-zone bike lane, which are mandatory for cyclists to use in Texas.

I have been practicing my right head check and hand signals all week in real world conditions. And I will be promoting the use of mirrors as well!

I am looking forward to meeting Gail Spann, Sherry Lewis, Eric Jackson, Dorothy Zarbo and Connie Owens, upon whom fate has determined will have the unenviable task of dealing with such a crazy person as myself!

whareagle said...

Please, please, please, please, PLEASE be on your best behavior, okay?

ChipSeal said...

Alas, I did not get a Traffic Skills 101 certificate. Sigh.

ChipSeal said...

Not to worry though! Due to a technical glitch entirely out of the control of our enthusiastic and dedicated instructors, none of the graduates of this class of Traffic Skills 101 received a certificate. I too will receive mine soon in the mail!

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