Friday, April 16

Like Sands Through the Hourglass...

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"Like sands through the hourglass, these are the days of our lives." I never got hooked on that particular show. I did see a lot of "General Hospital" for about a year or two after I spent some time at home on medical with not enough to keep me occupied. I still remember Luke & Laura's wedding.

But, this post isn't about soap operas, it's because this week I hit one year in my new commute. Hence the title and the "days."

April 15, 2009 marked my first bike commute to our new workplace at Fort Worth Alliance Airport. I wrote a series on the new commute, here. Since then, a lot has happened. I wore out a set of cycling shoes, tires and brake pads, and will be replacing Buddy’s chain sometime this summer. I’ve spent money on commuter stuff such as racks and fenders, and will probably spend more before I’m done. My route has evolved; adapting to the seasons, wind and weather, coffee places, and traffic, to better optimize the combination of “getting there” while minimizing traffic conflicts. Frankly, I don’t LIKE getting harassed, and mostly my motorists, whether they are driving hybrids, Concrete trucks, or 18 wheelers, are as courteous and cooperative as one could ask for.

Some of the new commute hasn’t been very pretty. It has reduced the miles I ride recreationally. A couple of times, it got a little scary. Once, here, it hurt, but mostly it’s been great. I DO wish it were shorter. It’s sometimes hard to roll out of bed at 5AM and ride for over an hour before dawn, but all in all, I’m looking forward to keeping on keeping on. As Dorothy said, in The Wizard of OZ, "mostly it was beautiful." And a lot of it got caught on this blog so it'll be doubly easy to remember in the years to come. Cycling truly IS fun and safe (just stay off wooden MUP bridge decks!)

Now, I'm looking forward to the first new buffalo calves of Spring!

Yup, I had an "accident" last year. See below.
I still ride this path, but avoid this bridge when it's wet. It's a mile or so long. It SEEMS safe, and is relaxing.
Viewed objectively, by incidents per mile, it is MUCH more dangerous than any road I ride


cafiend said...

My commute has also reduced the number of miles I ride recreationally.

I wish I had more route variations. There aren't a lot of parallel roads in New England. You're always detouring around a mountain or a lake. The price of all the woodsiness is a lack of roadways. Every deviation adds distance and hills. They don't necessarily avoid traffic, either. But it's been okay. It's always better than driving. You have to deal with the wingnuts on a much closer basis when you're in the same kind of vehicle doing the same kind of speed.

Chandra said...

you have a good long commute and am so proud of you especially for your dedication.

many more happy miles to you, mon ami!

peace :)

Big Oak said...

Be careful on the bridges!

cycler said...

Congratulations on a year well spent!

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