Saturday, April 3

Seth Will be Ready, Dearest

Our family has a few bikes I've never written about. I've mentioned my French bike and I'll write about it in detail one day, though I may never ride it again. Today, I write about a bike that isn't mine, though I ride it, and will ride it for however long it takes. The bike's name is "Seth." Seth, you see, is the property of "the Dish of Everett." Seth is a Nishiki Kokusai. The Kokusai was the predecessor to the "International" which preceeded the "Olympic." Myself, I'm the idiot she married. Seth has a special place. You see, the dish has known Seth for longer than she's known me.
 The Dish of Everett
Today, I took Seth out for a spin, as I periodically do. It needs a tweak to the cable settings on the front derailleur, and the rear brake, and I'll have to switch wheels back so that Seth keeps its Araya front rim; curently on Frankenbike, but, all in all, Seth is a really sweet ride for a bike that is nearly 40 years old. Seth will be ready when "the Dish" is ready again. I have no doubt that day will come.

Below, pictures of Seth, as it awaits.

The Wright's Saddle was Originally from Frankenbike. REAL Comfy
Way back When, Before Taiwan and China, even Japan tried to be American
They Don't Make Head Badges Like These Anymore.

Sure, There's Some Pitting in the Chrome, but Steel IS Real
Honestly, that Pitting is Entirely my own Fault
Suntour, a Past Legend...
Look at the Lugwork Details. Luscious!
Who Says the Japanese are not Artists?


Oldfool said...

I believe I understand.

Big Oak said...

A worthy bike.

Rat Trap Press said...


Velouria said...

Love the headbadge, love the bike!
Why does Seth's friend not ride?

Steve A said...

Rehabilitation from a motorcycle accident while riding on the beach. It wasn't serious, but us older types heal slow, not that Seth's owner isn't still a teenager, at least at heart.

Chandra said...

It is a very nice headbadge. I can't say I have seen a good one like that in a while.

Peace :)

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