Friday, May 21

Simple Inspiration

This morning, I took time from the ride in to have a brief chat with someone who simply provides a smidge of inspiration and morale boost on my rides to work. Perhaps some other commuters know of a similar person. A person they see pretty much every morning, but never actually meet. A person they see more often than I see my concrete guys.

My inspiration is Holly J, a crossing guard that I have seen on almost every morning commute ride I’ve made to Alliance Fort Worth Airport, except for the rare occasion when I take Westport. Hot or cold, light or dark, if the Caprock Elementary kids are there, Holly is there.

I’ve seen many other crossing guards, but mostly I see them sitting in their cars. Perhaps it’s just that I go by this school as kids are starting to get to school, but Holly and I usually wave, unless one or the other of us has got a lot of other things going on to distract us. It’s a part of my commute I’ve come to look forward to. Maybe it helps that her intersection is at the crest of a hill.

If any of you out there have anything to do with the Keller ISD, you should know that there’s at least one dedicated crossing guard out there, keeping kids safe. Thanks!

PS: And YES, she knows how to blow that whistle pretty seriously. I will try never to be that whistle's target...


Rantwick said...

Hey, it has happened again. I was seriously considering a post on a crossing guard lady I see most days... hmm!


m e l i g r o s a said...

go holly! :D

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