Thursday, May 20

Trust Me

Buffalo Calf Drinking Milk (You May Have to Use Your Imagination a Little!)
Seen yesterday, in celebration of "Bike to Work Week," off of Old Denton Road, near Fort Worth Alliance Airport. The first buffalo calf of the year. Trust me, it's in that overenlarged crappy cell phone photo at left. It's one of those "light brown" spots.

I don't know why, but the buffalo have been hiding up here instead of the main pasture over by Cabela's, and the herd is much smaller than it was last year. Perhaps most of them have been moved.

New buffalo calves are a reliable indicator that the cold weather is gone and it's about to get, well, let's say it'll be warm enough that at a major coffee place, I'll just ask them to fill my water bottle up with ice because it'll melt really quick. FWIW, their ice is made from triple filtered water. I still drink my coffee hot, though.


Big Oak said...

I think we're finally out of the woods here in NE Indiana too - no more frost is in the ten day forecast. Highs in the 70's and humid!

twister said...

Calf slobber...ever heard of that? It's when a calf on its mother's teat in an energetic effort at milking the nipple whips the milk up into a frothy cream. Now you know.

Steve A said...

Ewwwww. I'm not sure I really NEEDED to know that!

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