Friday, June 25

Beyond the Pale

Reed Bates in Happier Days
At the Ennis Court
The man at left, ChipSeal, AKA Reed Bates, has been in jail for seventeen days and counting, for riding his bicycle on the road. Apparently Ellis County neglected to inform Reed Bates or his attorney that he had a court date and so he was, instead arrested for failure to appear.

Lee Wiltsey has posted much of the story here. After following the link, scroll down to the June 25 comments. For comparison, Brandon Bain, who killed two cyclists while driving drunk, was released on bond a day afterwards, as related here.

This time, the authorities have gone "Beyond the Pale." Right now, I think it'd be wise for me to say no more beyond noting it is time to bring this charade to an end. PAST time...


Doohickie said...

Wow. Just.... wow.

Steve A said...

Clearly there is some FAILURE to communicate somewhere!

Big Oak said...

Looks like deliberate intimidation and harassment to me.

danc said...

Unbelievable. Thank you and Lee W. for the info.

Mr. Steve Pickett, Channel 11 has all the potential being a world class "Accidental Journalist." This line really tweaks me as utterly tasteless lede: "A sports utility truck mangled and broken... the lives of two bicyclists taken in an instant".

Who the heck gives a ratz arse about a vehicle's condition "mangled and broken" after the driver of said vehicle KILLS two people? Mangled and broken are the lifes of the families and friends of this victims.

Then Pickett's use "accident" instead of the CRASH which what happened just confirms his clueless excellence.

Oldfool said...

Texas justice at it's best. Ah the stories I could tell as to why I'm not the least bit surprised.

Steve A said...

I'll admit this doesn't look real positive wrt Texas justice or law enforcement, but I think we will know a WHOLE lot more before this day is over.

Chuck Davis said...

A rule of gen application is on case a like this and for similar charges Ellis County TX notwithstanding is the issuance of a bench warrant, arrest, bond requirement set, def's atty notified and a new trial other other proceedings date announced

It should be Reed's atty's responsibility to know or other wise find out what the status of his client's case

Steve A said...

Chuck, at this point, I think both of my comments emphasize your point. Hence my new post, after which we'll all have a little chat.

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