Thursday, June 3


I'll be off getting trained, indoctrinated, and various other stuff involving bikes for a few days, so I imagine I'll have lots of idle thoughts to post upon my return. Be advised, however, that I'm under strict instruction from SWMBO to fit the phrase "Suction a Trach" into each of my practice lectures. Thankfully, that devilish CycleDog has given me inspiration in the form of new potential uses for a pump.

Our sneaky instructor just told us we'd be going for a night ride on Saturday. Now I have to decide whether to uprate the lighting equipment on the road bike, or to break down and ride Buddy one last time before it gets its overdue manicure. SPEAKING of which, I switched from Buddy to the road bike for the summer this week. Ten minutes quicker over the 20 mile distance and the lighting demands are much lighter since I can see just fine right from the start now - all the lights do is serve the "be seen" function.

I have to say that 100+ temperature is a small price to pay for not riding over an hour in the dark with Jack Frost looking for an opening.


acline said...

Sounds cool. Looking forward to your report!

Chandra said...

Have fun steve!
Peace :)

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