Thursday, July 15

Bikes Really ARE Different!

I've been instructed in how to use my camera while travelling along a roadway by several people. Today, I put all this into action on my commute home. Above, you may see my excellent photographic technique as I close in on the heavy traffic that is southbound on Highway 377 in Keller. If you look closely, you may see that up ahead there is even a police cruiser, whose driver admired my coordinated technique shortly afterwards.

Reinforcing my determination to not be impeded by all the snarled motor traffic, I passed straight through the traffic light when it turned green (it wouldn't DO to run a red light right in front of a police cruiser), and made a right where I had a clear path through the parking lot (Rantwick's Mom is feeling bad vibes right now - but she's off base).

You might be wondering how, exactly I developed this sudden willingness to photograph as I travel, despite police and heavy traffic all around. Actually, some of it I did with no hands on the handlebars. Well, the last photo reveals my secret, and also explains the title of this post.

Bikes are different because you have the option of becoming a pedestrian. Keller Hicks Road was closed due to a gas leak that had the fire department out. I received permission from one of the police officers to walk along the closed road as long as I didn't go into that coned off parking lot and bother the firemen. You may all admire my pedestrian lane position. I told her she could be very confident I was not going to go anywhere NEAR that gas leak! While I was walking, I decided to hoof it through the parking lot on the far side of 377 and simply walk past all the snarled highway traffic. While "lane sharing" with the motorists would have been perfectly safe, the parking lot was much cooler (literally) and I didn't have to do any filtering up to my turn point.

One more advantage of SPD pedals - you can do this without looking like a duck. Who says I never get off my bike and walk leisurely during my commute? By the way, for those who think my commute is devoid of cars, this segment contained two motorist interactions. The first was with the police officer who gave me permission to walk down Keller Hicks and the second was with the police officer who was walking into the coned off parking lot with cold drinks for the firemen. None of the cars on 377, or in that parking lot count.


Oldfool said...

Just try to fit in and try not to get tazed.
I rode today and only had four terrifying moments (seconds that seemed like moments).

Apertome said...

I routinely take photos while I ride (when it's safe, of course). I've been doing it for a while, so it's second nature to me, but some people freak out when they see it. I can conjure my camera seemingly out of nowhere, take a photo, and the camera disappears into thin air, with no one the wiser, most of the time.

But, I do get caught sometimes. A common comment, when I ride with others: "Dude, I turned around and suddenly you had a camera!"

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