Saturday, July 17


Over the last year, I've messed up and, as a result have acquired some extra poundage. It supports my theory that cycling is worthless as a means of avoiding obesity. It CAN, however, be a valuable aid in dealing with the consequences. For the moment, it means that when I ride to the gym on Saturday mornings, I have to actually do a light workout in addition to a leisurely visit to the dry sauna. It also means that I'll snag some extra cash by winning our "lose weight" challenge at work.

Anyway, I decided this morning's ride would be eventful, so I actually brought a camera along, ready to validate my "snapping shots while traveling" technique that I previously reported. Why should I be the only uncoordinated, non-multi-tasking cycling blogger in the world? The first photo, above, shows that it would be a different morning indeed. It would soon be filled with "ninja salmon sidewalk riding" and constant honking. My loyal reader may want to avert eyes now so as to not have the image of my godlike superior riding technique forever shattered. Real people, however, may read on with no warranty implied or offered.

Seeing the construction truck coming down the road and more stuff behind it, I decided to abandon the "assertive riding approach" and become a "ninja (no lights) salmon (riding against traffic) sidewalk rider," leading to the little boy dream construction shot below. Actually, at 10AM, I think the lack of lighting is probably not going to offend even my most militant reader, and it seemed churlish to actually ride on the road here. Mostly I walked, riding only for about 20 feet so I could say I was a salmon sidewalk rider and be telling the truth.

It is true what they tell you about sidewalk riding being dangerous. Had that equipment been parked a little closer to the curb, you can see that my helmet could have been needed as it swung around in the picture below.
Don't ya just LOVE yellow construction equipment in action? My wrong-way sidewalk is at left
Even though there was clearance, I waited until the operater was digging again before I walked past

Immediately after passing by all this interesting construction, I noticed a constant honking. Actually it sounded rather squeaky for a honk. Before long, I made the correlation that this honk occurred whenever I was not on smooth pavement. Might Rantwick have flown south to keep an eye on me?

Not seeing Rantwick, I made it to the gym where I noticed an unusual amount of bike parking congestion, necessitating my alternate secure locking technique, in which the U lock attaches the lock and through the rear wheel, with the cable looping around through itself to secure the front. This is not the MOST secure, but allows excellent security for all the expensive stuff and good security for the front wheel. The OTHER bike, you will note, has no locking at all for its front wheel. Kermit is smiling because he is happy with my secure locking technique.
When I trudged into the gym, the guy at the counter asked if I took a picture to prove I actually rode my bike to the gym. I replied that, no, I just took pictures of good and bad bike locking. He then told me that the other bike was HIS, and that he was able to keep an eye on it. I said that was good, but it only took a second to snag that really nice looking front wheel. I did, however, refrain from a demonstration when I left. Speaking of which, some motorists really DO need to drive to the gym more often, so that the paramedics do not have to come and revive them. It's cycling that's dangerous? At least I don't think this was a major emergency. The paramedics didn't appear to be in a big rush to get inside.

After some relaxing coffee, I zipped, home, accompanied by MORE HONKING! The offending honker was finally captured in pixels, and is affecting a smile below. Yes, it was Kermit who has suddenly adopted a policy of alerting me when smooth pavement is not present. Just another warm and pleasant Saturday morning in Northeast Tarrant County.

Kermit, looking all innocent at the end of the morning outing. Doesn't he look happy, though?


Oldfool said...

A harrowing experience. I think I'll lie down.

RANTWICK said...


You were right that I was there, because I am now in mystical communication with Kermit and honking through his squeaker. Whether he is channeling me or I am posessing him I am unsure... I am not well versed in the occult.

What I do know is that it is a good thing you can't see his face when this strange connection is occuring, because he turns into some sort of Igor-lookin' freak!

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