Wednesday, July 28

Park It

This Zurich Rack May not LOOK Artsy Fartsy, but it WORKS

Basel Indoor Bike Parking
Sheila also brought back pictures of bike parking in Zurich and Basel. First up is my personal favorite, showing a SERIOUS bike rack in Zurich. Cables ought to be a part of every bike rack. They give added options to cyclists using the racks without committing the cyclists to use something less than they might want. One less thing to carry around.

In Basel, the train station has underground bike parking. Free underground bike parking. Of course, finding a place to park it once there is your problem. I really like those wall parking spots, but would not want to wait a day or two for a spot to open up. If you look carefully in these underground parking photos, you may note that not all the bikes use very secure locking techniques. Perhaps the Swiss don’t take other peoples’ bikes.

Please don’t get the idea that Switzerland is a bike parking paradise, however. The last two photos show that bikes get parked wherever there is a stray rail, and even in places where there is nothing at all to secure the bike.

Indoor Bike Parking is Overwhelmed. Many Bikes Don't Get any Rack Space
 Walls Work in Zurich
Rails Work When There's Little Else

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