Sunday, August 29

HH100 Report - MSU Squared

For some bloggers, MSU stands for "Missouri State University." So it is for some riders in the "Hotter 'N Hell 100." As one example, the rider below clearly suggests that his loyalties lie with the northern state of Missouri. This also proves that there is at least one MSU cyclist that rides far afield.

Now THIS Guy is a Long Way from Home!
But there is another MSU. This MSU has a strong cycling tradition. As a matter of fact, as noted here, Midwestern State athletes have won 21 national collegiate cycling championships on the road and track. While MSU would normally compete in NCAA Division 2, in cycling they compete in Division 1. The second MSU has a bit of an advantage, you see. It happens to be located in Wichita Falls. Conveniently Enough, Wichita Falls is the site of the largest organized century ride in the US; the "Hotter 'N Hell 100."

While in Wichita Falls, I highly recommend a tour of the MSU campus. The campus is very attractive and, not being a "megaschool," it won't take long. Besides, how many colleges do you know with a statue dedicated to the school cycling team?

MSU in Wichita Falls. Formerly it was Known as Hardin College
MSU Team Arrow Statue on MSU Campus


Tracy W said...

Hey! I've got that jersey! I ride through MSU every day. Wonder if I know him...but I don't recognize the backside!

But, are you sure about that other one? I thought my alma mater was the ony one!

Actually, it was SMS (Southwest Missouri State College) when I was growing up, SMSU (Southwest Missouri State University) when I attended, and now has been MSU for just a few years.

Steve A said...

I think there's actually a third MSU. Seems to me they're way up north in Michigan. I'm sure they specialize in things like competitive ice fishing. Magic Johnson is one of their alumni.

Actually, you want to tweak Andy Cline? Ask him why his MSU doesn't offer cycling scholarships the way the OTHER MSU does.

John Romeo Alpha said...

That's an excellent cycling statue. I don't know of other similar examples in the US, but now I wonder if there are more like it.

Velouria said...

Wow, I cannot believe that cyclist statue!

acline said...

Hmmmmm... a cycling scholarship. Something to think about. Who can bankroll it? Nice to see the real MSU mentioned ;-)

cafiend said...

That sculpture looks creepily like they just bronzed a couple of luckless riders passing through.

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