Saturday, August 21

Kermie's Morning Out

I've NEVER Seen More Than Two Bikes at this Rack Until Today!
This week, it seems like everything has been busier than normal. School's starting up next week. School parking lots have been filled up and some of the roads along my commute route where NOBODY ever parks have been lined with parked cars. This morning, as is often our custom, Kermit, Frankenbike and I went on a little trip to the gym and we were shocked to see the designated bike parking filled up. If THIS continues, they'd actually have to trim back the hedge behind the bike rack.

Fortunately, the combination of my mini U lock and cable gives me wonderful flexibility in locking up Frankenbike, and I used the secondary securement point on the other side of the front entrance to the gym.

Note That the Mini U Lock Can Also be Used to Secure Things When it Acts as a Giant Padlock for the Cable
Afterwards, we were relived to see that, while things were busy at the coffee shop, bike parking was readily available, as always. This avoided getting Kermit grumpy. NOBODY loves a grumpy Kermie!
Kermit When Grumpy!
Coming home, in the never-ending search for smooth pavement, we made a few detours around the road reconstruction that seems ubiquitous this month, stopping only for a shot of the latest part of my commute route to be torn up, below. All in all, just a nice, pleasant, relaxing morning out for Kermie.

Now That They're Done Tearing Up McDonwell School Road, They're Messing With Cheek Sparger Road.
Definitely Not Real Bike OR Cyclist Friendly at the Moment!

Kermie's Taking it All in Stride; Enjoying the Morning Sun Before it Gets Hot

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Chandra said...

Locks are a great to have on a ride, whether it is to the gym or the store or just around the town and you decide to stop at the library!

Glad you had a fun ride!!

Peace :)

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