Sunday, August 22

Long Slow Slide

Sunset in North Texas. Soon, the Heat Will be Just a Fond Memory
Everyone around here seems to be complaining about the heat. I see it otherwise. During August, so far, I have only missed two opportunities to bike to work. The first was on the first work day, when it was forecast to hit 108F. As it turned out, it only reached 105 or 106. The second was on the day of Chipseal's trial. It simply wasn't practical to try and ride from Fort Worth Alliance Airport to Waxahachie and then sit in a courtroom. Somehow, the temperature never climbed over 106F and it rarely seemed as humid as the weather forecasters predicted.

HH100 is Next Saturday
Now, school is starting. My two oldest are back off to college and they'll be missed, though they'll both make us proud (we hope). There will be lots of confused people around any school. Six days later, I'll retire the road bike from its yearly commuting season after I ride in the Hotter 'N Hell 100. Right now, the forecast for it is for a high of a measly 95F. If the forecast holds, it'll be a full twelve to fourteen degrees cooler than most of the recent commutes. Rather than do another "Milder than Hell," I'll take the shortcut and see the aircraft on display at Sheppard AFB. Soon afterwards, things like full fingered gloves and goggles will become necessary. We're entering the long, slow slide into the depths of winter. I'd rather sweat a little, than deal with a single digit wind chill. And there's not even any place to go snow skiing around here. I'll miss August.
I'm NOT Looking Forward to Digging These Out!


Pondero said...

I'm totally with you on avoiding single digit wind chill. However, I do plan to enjoy that time in between temperatures 105 and 10. For a few short days, it should be glorious.

Steve A said...

As the guy at the gym counter is fond of saying for those few short days - "except for the ocean and the beach, it's just like San Diego!"

paul said...

I'm not crazy for either extreme. We went from a cold wet winter to a hot and dry summer...bummer. Shortly, we should be enjoying an all too brief reprieve; made all the more bittersweet by its brevity.

Apertome said...

Fall is my favorite season. I love the foliage, and a bit of a chill in the air is pleasant, to me. It is unfortunate that such cold weather will follow, however ...

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