Wednesday, September 1

Chance of Rain My A#$

As I Watched This, the Weatherman said it was "Cloudy." It Would Get Worse
It started out as a fairly ordinary day. A little muggy in the morning, with a forecast of a slight chance of showers in the Metroplex, but a much better chance on Thursday. The official numbers were put at 30%.

It looked that way for most of the day, until it started to rain about 4PM. And it rained. Starting home, it didn't seem too bad, mostly a comfortable rain that got me wet, but didn't even soak my shoes. At first.

As I crossed from Fort Worth into Keller, it started to rain much harder, but I was already pretty wet. The drainage was pretty cool to feel the water slowing the bike down in water a foot deep. Then, it really started to pour so I ducked into a middle school to take a few shots, just to prove I'm not ONLY a "fair weather cyclist."

Texas Rain is NOT Like Rain in Seattle
While stopped for the first shot, under cover, my wife called to ask if I wanted a ride home. Bless her heart, but there was no lightning which is MY threshold for where I'm inclined to either wait or call for help. So I said "thanks but I'm fine."
Stand Near the Gutter and You'll Get a Real Jet of Water
Feeling a bit of hail in the mix, I stopped for coffee a bit earlier than usual. Wet as I was, it tasted even better than usual. By this point, I was afraid to get out the camera anymore for fear of electronics and water not liking each other.
Gratuitous Bike Shot. Ain't it Gorgeous?
Stay Out of the Open!
Everything was fine until I crossed over Highway 26 on Hall Johnson. About a block east of the post office, I heard a police loudspeaker order me off the road and onto the sidewalk. That, however, is a different post. Unlike SOME bloggers, I will not keep y'all in suspense. It will suffice to say that I was not struck by any of the nearby lightning strikes that started shortly after this order, that I was not cited or arrested, that I did not do anything unsafe or illegal before or after the stop, and that the issue is most definitely NOT resolved.

All in all, the commute home did not measure up to the commute to work, though I admit to a certain sense of accomplishment when I came in the front door free of electrical burns. That Rantwick is a crazy guy about lightning, but I salute him all the same...

Saluting the Crazy Guy!


Oldfool said...

What are you bitchin about, It's rained everyday here for over a week. Record rainfall for August. I thought I saw a break yesterday but didn't get a quarter mile before I was soaked. I came back home. I don't have to put up with that crap. I did find and bring home a bike with lots of usable parts though.
I am really nervous about lightning. I was struck twice in airplanes and I didn't like it. Makes my mustache stick straight out.

Steve A said...

What spoiled the ride was getting ordered off the road by a police officer right before lightning started striking nearby. It left me a little grumpy. I did notice that the cop wasn't inclined to get out of his cruiser to give me a good talking to.

Rantwick said...

gratuitous bike shot - yes, it is beautiful.

My salute pic, even more so.

Apertome said...

Bike shots are never gratuitous!

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