Friday, September 24

Cruiser Day

Yesterday, I went all around the Peninsula that forms Ocean Shores. I looked at a lot of places around there, and generally had a relaxing time. Because it was raining, and I'm "just a fair weather cyclist," I took my dad's cruiser bike since it had fenders. Ocean Shores is pretty flat and as long as you don't try to go too fast, a cruiser (AKA tank bike in the olden days) works well.

BSO (Bicycle Shaped Object) Schwinn Provides a Nice Ride All the Same. It's a Lot Slower than the Nishiki, However
  Just like north Texas, there's evidence that we have not recovered from the boom that led to the current bust.
The Economy is not Perfect, Even in the Soviet of Washington State
 In Ocean Shores, there is more to the coffee universe than Starbucks. In fact, there IS no Starbucks. Someone should call Ripley's "Believe it or Not."
No Mexican Coffee in Washington. Fidalgo was SPANISH
I have not eaten fish at The Lighthouse, though they make a tough to verify claim. Their coffee is, however, drinkable.

Not Too Much Competition West of the Humptulips. Last I Checked, Most of the Major Seafood Locales were East
IMO, the Lighthouse looks a lot like it's trying to be the Mukilteo Lighthouse. Sometimes I miss Mukilteo.
Lighthouse in Ocean Shores is Modeled on the Mukilteo Lighthouse


cycler said...

When the Scientist and I toured the Pacific Northwest we laughed and laughed about the odd things that were juxtaposed with espresso.
I think that Fish and Chips and Espresso has got all the ones I can remember beat. (although the tee pee espresso was pretty memorable).

twister said...

When I was younger, I used to go to the Border's Books on Hulen, which at that time, was across from the mall and drink coffee. There was a guy that worked in there, that worked at the original Starbucks, which I guess was in Seattle, WA. He said, he used to see Kurt and Courtney Cobain come in to drink coffee and (his words as I remember it) coming down from heroin. This happened to me. I'm not so sure about the other guy, though.

Steve A said...

Kurt Cobain grew up in Aberdeen; about 20 miles away. There is no word on whether he ever met a Wishkah Winker during the period when he lived under a bridge across the Wishkah River.

limom said...

Tacos and expresso.
Is that a good thing?

Durango said...

You are making me sorta homesick. Looks like Ocean Shores has had some new stuff added since I last saw it in 2004. Don't remember the Lighthouse Humptulips Fish and Chips place. Last good fish and chips I have had was in August of 2004 in Ocean Shores. With razor clam chowder and a fresh blackberry shake. See any good catfish joints in Ocean Shores?

Steve A said...

No catfish on the menus or in the waterways of Ocean Shores. I recently also found out Kurt Cobain once worked at Ocean Shores which would be a good topic for Durango Washington.

Anonymous said...

Hey can't wait to see your blog about why you are in the hospital again!

Steve A said...

I sorta violated the Land Rover Rule.

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