Thursday, September 9

Hermine Hazard

This Morning, in Predawn Darkness, Water Closure Gates Were Still Up for Hermine-Related Flooding, Though Water Was No Longer Over the Road
Tropical Storm Hermine parked itself over North Texas the last couple of days, dumping record rainfall of over ten inches in some places, before moving on to Oklahoma yesterday evening. The Trinity River looked a bit like the Mighty Miss for a while, reaching twelve feet above flood stage. Our local, smaller creeks have also overflowed, obstructing my normal commute route in three places, and forcing evacuation of the school where I took shelter on the way home last Wednesday.

This morning, things were much better, once the tornadoes swept through Dallas, so I was back on the bike, leaving about five minutes earlier than usual - to provide extra time for whatever storm-related obstacles I might encounter. About a mile or two from home, I encountered the first water closure barrier, and carefully went around it so I could proceed along the road, or to wherever the water might prevent further safe progress.

This particular creek crossing has two barrier arms on each side, just in case motorists drive through the first one without noticing. The photo above is the second one, as seen this morning from about ten feet away. I was going very slowly, and about to go around the arm when I spotted the added feature in the photo below. Actually, both photos are the same shot, but the second one is lightened up a bit.

After going UNDER the chain, I proceeded along the road (slowly and cautiously, of course) where it crosses the creek and up the other side. My feet and wheels stayed dry at all times. I pondered, what might have happened to someone on a "crotch rocket" rolling down that road and around the barrier at 30mph? Cycling really IS fun and safe, at least when you exercise caution around things and places likely to be hazardous. If you shoot around barriers without a care in the world, not so much.

The last two photos show the scene as it was this afternoon, including the hazardous chain, and the creek. Look at the last two photos closely and you'll be able to see where the high water mark reached.
A Non-Reflective Chain, Invisible in the Dark, Was Waiting to Decapitate the Unwary
The Gate and the Chain this Afternoon
Looking Down at the Creek this Afternoon. LOTS of Water Yesterday - All Gone Today


limom said...

Holy smokes that high water mark is insane!
Stranger still is that everything looks back to normal.
Maybe you should duct tape an old reflector to that chain.

Rat Trap Press said...

Keller got hit pretty hard. I've seen some interesting photos on Facebook from Keller residents.

Steve A said...

Do they make reflective spray paint? Perhaps a little chain graffiti is in order.

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