Thursday, September 2

HH100 Report - Bike Town USA

Cyclists Decorate the Freeway Overpass Approaches in Wichita Falls, in Contrast to the Maps Typical Elsewhere in Texas
I've heard some opine that bike rallies are more part of the cycling problem than the solution. I think that overgeneralizes. Some bike rallies do demonstrable good for cyclists in the communities that they're held. I think the "Hotter 'N Hell Hundred" is an example of such. Actually, come to think of it, it's also the only bike rally I've ridden in over the last few years. Let's see a few examples of the bike rally influence on Wichita Falls beyond the cycling statue and cycling scholarships at MSU.

Bicycle Influence is Definite on HH100 Weekend. No "Share the Road" Sign Here

Seen on the Freeway Approach into Wichita Falls. It is Legal to Ride on Texas Freeways Unless Otherwise Posted
The influence of the event was felt in each of the towns along the route. Electra, in particular, goes all out, with virtually the entire town working the stop in that town. Many places along the way, local kids stand adjacent to the road, hoping for "high fives" from passing cyclists.

Oh, I almost forgot. While there was a bike commercial from the Texas Bicycle Coalition before the start, I did not hear or read anything anywhere about anyone being directed to ride on the shoulder, nor to ride single file on the roads along the route. This is in contrast to sworn testimony about another bike rally. The only odd reaction I got from any of the police along the route was when I signaled to stop most of the way through, because there were cars waiting for us at a four way stop and I hadn't been waved on by the police officer directing traffic. They quickly waved me through when they realized I was going to stop if I wasn't directed to proceed.


cliff said...

I see a follow-up story to see if they really
are bicycle friendly. What would happen if a
group of cyclists were to ride the same route
a month or so after the rally?

Steve A said...

My daughter goes to MSU (the Texas one) and she says she sees cyclists around Wichita Falls all the time. By the way, the town is not loaded full of bike lanes or that sort of thing. It's just good terrain and streets, particularly around MSU. Around the freeway, not so good.

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