Thursday, September 16

Morning Star Ahead

Photo of Venus, the Morning Star, by NASA - via Wikipedia
Perhaps it is an influence of “The Flat Tire,” where Limom continues to make observations of Jupiter and its moons. Perhaps it’s just the added morning darkness as we move towards next week’s equinox, but lately I’ve been struck by the Morning Star on my morning commutes. Depending on where I’m at, it appears anywhere from dead ahead to about an 8 o'clock position.

It’s very bright; it’s familiar and comforting as it appears to accompany me on my ride towards the west.


limom said...

Thanks for the shout out!
Keep an eye out for Mercury too.

John Romeo Alpha said...

I played with mercury when I was a kid. Which explains a lot.

limom said...

I would say I ride as fast as Mercury, but I'm not.

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