Tuesday, October 19

Complete Darkness

We're Moving from the Sunlight
 I noted in a previous post that I’m leaving home a bit earlier on my commute than I did last year. It’s why I acquired a cheering section, reported here in the same post. Yesterday, and this morning, I left even earlier than usual because I thought it might take me longer than usual due to the layoff, or due to a need to stop and avoid distracted riding. As a result, my commute was in darkness from the beginning until I made the final turn in to work both days. I turned my “be seen” headlight off as I entered the driveway shortly before dawn.

And Headed Into
Somehow, riding in the dark seems friendlier this year than it did last year. In three more weekends, Daylight Savings Time will end and the mornings will be brighter again - for a while. Some of our non-US cycling friends are fortunate. They get rid of “Summer Time” a couple of weeks earlier and get that extra sun in the morning. Others, infected by a "we can be just like the Americans" spirit (not mentioning any large Provinces in the north by name), get stuck with the extra cycle commute darkness just like us. Actually, they've got it even worse than us here in Texas because of their proximity to the North Pole.



Chandra said...

I have been trying to wake up earlier and so even I know what you mean by darkness in the AM! Be safe out there!!

Peace :)

tony said...

I quite like setting out in the dark, and watching the sunrise over the course of my journey.

Apertome said...

Actually, I'm dreading the time change. I'd rather have it dark in the morning than really early at night. Then again, I'm not a morning person ...

Tracy W said...

I'm in Apertome's camp. I would prefer to ride in the dark in the morning rather than the evening. I have a lot less traffic early in the day.

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