Thursday, October 21

Fort Worth is Kind to Cyclists!

Old Denton Road, Newly Widened to Two-Lane Width! Looking North
In my "Lane Position Gone Wild" post, I bemoaned the deterioration of Old Denton Road in Fort Worth from a 45MPH Speed Limit two lane road to a 45MPH Speed Limit 1 1/2 lane road. Well, the powers that be in Fort Worth must be reading my blog, because while I was on vacation and then in the hospital, they improved the pavement! While I would not go so far as to claim it has become SMOOTH pavement, it has at least become pavement wide enough that the natural motoring lane position no longer proceeds directly down the center of the road. As a result, the motorists have returned to their natural inclination to simply give me LOTS OF ROOM when they pass. Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thank the city fathers. My BIKE thanks the city fathers. My motoring companions thank the city fathers. This is about the second best solution I could have imagined. The only one better would have been for them to simply leave the road untouched and instead build the bike path along the creek that is in the Fort Worth Bike Plan. Then I'd have had a smooth road all to myself (it'd be a short cut as well) since cyclists are rare in the area. It'd also be a bit shorter. I guess they're not in a rush to implement that new plan. Still, thanks to Fort Worth, my stress level has dropped considerably on this stretch of road and my tire choices have been validated.

Old Denton Road, Where the New Blacktop Meets the Concrete. Close to the Summit of "Old Denton Pass." Looking South
Come to think of it, it gives the term FALL COLOR CHANGE a whole new meaning!

Looking North Before the New Blacktop


John Romeo Alpha said...

Whether or not it was a contributing factor in this specific example, I'm convinced that your style of well-reasoned and suitably documented suggestions for road improvements that benefit all road users have the most chance of having the desired effect.

limom said...

Fresh tarmac! Like riding on clouds.
That's almost a haiku:
Newly laid asphalt
Riding on a bed of clouds
Steve A gets his wish.

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