Sunday, October 17

Getting Colder in North Texas

We're still far short of the peak color change in North Texas, but there are a few trees changing. You'll note it is the only one in the vicinity and that it is NOT a Sugar Maple. Ain't got none of dem bars around deese parts.

North Texas DOES Have Trees that Turn Colors Other Than Green and Brown! This One is in Colleyville


John Romeo Alpha said...

Ah, red leaves in the's interesting that tree in pic#2 opted to turn before his brothers in the background. Over achiever? Fall leaf breakaway from the peloton?

RANTWICK said...

Yes, red is pretty popular this season... the King has chosen Red instead of yellow this year. Nice tree, there, brother! I bet you've got some other one hidden up your sleeve for the smackdown though because you are sneaky.

Chuck Davis said...

As a Vermont born and Maine raised lad (which probably explains a lot about me)I wood like to say, Yes, thats nice, butt look at these colors

Sit down and have a Macintosh Apple (on me) while ya take it in!

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