Sunday, October 31

Missing Halloween

Someone was Actually ON the "Safe Routes to School" Pathway Today
CycleDog got me thinking about the demise of Halloween. When I was growing up, legions of us went all over the neighborhood, trick or treating, and there was none of this nonsense about demonic influences, or the inclination of local churches to divert us with so-called "Harvest Festival" shenanigans. Times have changed. Some municipalities have actually made it illegal for anyone over 12 to go trick or treating.

Why do Churches Insist on a "Harvest Festival" on Halloween? This Field Hasn't Had a Harvest in Years
Now, the local large church has a "Harvest Festival," complete with amusement rides. I guess they figure the kids won't go to the devil if they're busy riding the "Cobra." Somehow, I think the devil is not so easily diverted.

The Romanian Orthodox Church takes a sensible approach. They just have a big party, complete with a tent and Romanian flags. I could go for that if I were inclined towards the Orthodox creed.

The Romanian Orthodox Church Simply Has a Feat!
 Anyway, after bemoaning the loss of Halloween, I took a gratuitous bike shot. It was really nice out.

Gratuitous Photo of Frankenbike. Kermit Looks Pleased.
 Coming home, there are some faint echoes of Halloween, with lawn displays. They just seem to lack some of the old scariness, however.

Echoes of Halloween Past at this House. I had to Take this Photo Before the HOA Came Down on Them!
 In closing, I have no idea who owns this bike. It looks better in the photo than it does close up.

And There was Even a Bike at Rest


Velouria said...

If it's any consolation, Halloween is alive and well in Cambridge MA. We just took a walk around the neighborhood and saw an awesome haunted house and even a special candy shack set up in front of somebody's home.

Ed W said...

We had only 20 kids show up last night, Steve. Two of them dragged their Mom around the neighborhood, looking for the house that gave out Pepsi last year. They found us. We still have a huge basket full of sodas by the front door. And I'm on doctor's orders to cut down on sugar.

Steve A said...

I don't think we even had 20. We gave out full size candy bars and have leftovers. Perhaps they'd go with Ed's carbonated beverages (somehow it seems wrong to refer to Pepsi as Coke-Pepsi).

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