Thursday, October 28

Odd Time

First Time this Fall to Work With Covered Knees and Wool Socks
Texas has two main seasons. There's summer, and EVERYONE knows about Texas summers. Less well known is that the wind blows hard from the south in summer. It blows that way most of the time. That's a headwind on the way home. Then, there's winter. In winter, the wind blows hard from the north. It comes straight from frigid Canadian arctic regions with nothing to slow it down other than a few strands of barbed wire somewhere in northern Oklahoma. That's a headwind on the way to work. As in the time of day it's cold even WITHOUT an arctic headwind.

Then, there's the time we're in at the moment. Those brief in-between moments when it can be cold in the morning, but very pleasant in the afternoon. The moments when I wear sweat pants, but still get ice water on the way home. The moments when I'm not wearing a jacket, but am wearing full finger gloves. The moments when its dark all the way to work, but light all the way home.

Winter's on its way. Dark winter. Dark, cold winter. Without even any place to snow ski much closer than Taos...

PS: The wind was out of the north today. Tomorrow morning, the forecast is that it'll dip into the 30's. They actually mentioned "Frost" in the weather forecast. That's 5C in French units.


Chandra said...

Cool shoes yo!
Peace :)

Pondero said...

Yep. I made the commute today myself...and wearing tights this morning. Nice, if dressed right.

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