Sunday, November 21

North Texas is NOT an Art-Free Zone!

Metal Log With Butterflies, North Richland Hills
Inspired by nameless blogs, especially ones here and here that have been going gaga over wonderful art items, I went out this morning to prove that there really IS some public art in the wilds of North Texas besides in downtown Dallas and Fort Worth. I'll admit, riding home from work on Friday, there were not a lot of artsy fartsy items to catch in pixels beyond some "yard art" along the way.

Lenin, But NOT the DALLAS Lenin!
 Sure enough, while our pickings may not be up to the standards of places such as Arizona and Hawaii, there are quirky public art pieces around here, even if the Dallas statue of Lenin has since departed for politically more hospitible locales.

The first candidate was the simplest, but very charming in its own way. A sculpted log with colorful butterflies. Pass by too quickly and this might completely escape your notice, being mistaken for the too-common bit of roadside trash.

The second candidate is more apropos for Texas, being a fanciful windmill. Texas, besides its oil fame, is one of the largest producers of wind power anywhere around.

Fanciful Windmill, North Richland Hills
The final "official" candidate is the most "North Texas" of the three, being a stained glass power transmission tower. While appropriate to the area, one might wonder what is next, a sculpture of a segment of the Dallas "High Five?"

Sculpture of a Power Transmission Tower, Next to a Wooden Real Version of Same. Huh?
My personal favorite, however, is a little piece; a golden dog statue that acquires and sheds seasonal outfits. Right now, Fido is wearing a Pilgrim Hat and an autumn leaf garland. At other times of the year, this dog acquires Halloween costumes, bathing suits, and 4th of July duds. I imagine that in a couple of weeks, Fido will acquire a red suit with a little white beard. This particular statue was a minor highlight of "Commute v1" - watching to see when the outfit changed.

Dog With a Pilgrim Hat On - You Can Stop at the Vet, Too!


Pondero said...

Yep. There is a fair amount of creative souls up in these parts as well. Yard art abounds. Oh yeah, and there are those fence posts with catfish heads...

John Romeo Alpha said...

Steve, that stained glass tower speaks to me. Must be stirring up memories of staring out the window at towers on car trips as a kid. And it's good to hear about wind power in TX. I know some people don't like the whooshing noise or shadow flash of the giant blades, but having grown up downwind of a coal plant that made the air smell like sulfur and ruined car finishes, I'll take renewable wind, please.

Justine Valinotti said...

I live in New York and love going to museums and galleries. But I think some of the most delightful art is found in seemingly random places.

The objects in the first three photos actually remind me, in good ways, of some things I've seen in Socrates Sculpture Park, which is just a few blocks from where I live.

limom said...

That windmill inspires me.

RANTWICK said...

Transmission tower, hands down. I'm gonna get started on one of those here in London as soon as I score some climbing gear and am no longer on probation.

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