Thursday, December 23

Sweet Sixteen

Sixteenth December Commute
Not a Lot of Fall Color Remain in Those Trees
In one last post before I go Christmas shopping, I'll observe that a shortened commute DOES have some advantages. During my v1 and v2 commutes, I averaged just over 10 bicycle commutes each month. The most I ever made during December was 5. Partly that was because I tended to take some vacation in December, reducing bike commute opportunities.

This month, I made sixteen bike commutes. I missed one day, due to a colonoscopy. Oh, poo! The increased number was partly because I didn't take vacation this December, partly because it's been unseasonably warm and dry this December, but mostly because it hardly seems worth finding the car keys with a seven mile commute.

There certainly ARE down sides to a short commute, as will be revealed after Christmas, and the regular appearance of that blue Nishiki has its sinister side as well, but we're getting in to the Christmas spirit even down here in North Texas, where the 80+F days look like they're giving way to some frosty goodness. Today, our high was 50 and tomorrow should be colder.


Trevor Woodford said...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Steve.
I will drop by again in 2011

limom said...

A&W Rootbeer!
The frosty goodness I mean.

Apertome said...

The Nishiki is great! I can't fathom such warmth right now.

Velouria said...

50F days sounds like perfect commuting weather! Our temps have been in the 30s this month, which has not bothered me as much thus far as I remember it bothering me last year. Wishing you more Sweet 16ths in the months to come!

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