Sunday, January 30

All Tuckered Out

Preston Tyree Asks Us All (Very Nicely) to Smile and Move in a Little Closer Together
 Well, I made it through the LCI Seminar without medical disasters or other bizarre occurrences. However, after nearly three days straight of this stuff, I'm simply ALL TUCKERED OUT. I'll post some thoughts and observations on the process, but right now I'm going to simply ignore bike stuff - well, other than getting my commuter ready to roll first thing tomorrow morning. Heck, I'm even too tired to make a photo with little clouds over the instructors' heads.

Today's photos illustrate simply one point - it looks like the Seminar leaders have more endurance than I do, based on them still being all smiley this afternoon.

Don't Gail & Dorothy Both Look as Fresh as Daisys After Nearly Three Days of Torturing Candidates?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, they do look like they had a ton of fun ordering everyone about! ... you probably paid for this I'm guessing??

Seriously, looking forward to hearing more about it.

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