Thursday, January 20

Enjoy the Chill While You Can

It May Not Seem Like it, but Summer is ON Its Way
Last week marked a seasonal milestone in the DFW area. Last week, you see, marked what is historically the coldest week of the year here. While we may still see some challenging weather in the weeks to come, ON AVERAGE, we’re on our way to those LONG HOT SUMMER DAYS. You know; the kinds of days that they grouse about (in a good-natured way) on blogs like this and this.

It also marked a milestone of a different sort. Last week marked the latest dawns of the year for the DFW area. Specifically, our latest dawn occurred at about 7:32AM. This is much later than early December when sunrise was at about 7:15. Even in late December, our sunrise was earlier than it was last week. Pleasantly, sunset is MUCH later than it was, occurring a full 28 minutes later than early December. That change is very noticeable. I no longer need to turn my lights on for the last part of my ride home.

January DFW Climatology from NOAA
I have quite a number of cold weather items I’ve not had the opportunity to test out this winter, when it’s been fairly mild. Items gathering dust so far, along with their “cycling specificity” are listed below.
If it Doesn't Get COLD SOON, All this Stuff Will Have to Wait a WHOLE 'NOTHER YEAR!


adventure! said...

Here in Portland we're "over the hump" for winter too. Sure it's still going to be cool and rainy for a while, but signs of spring are showing and will show even more in February. Some bulbs are starting to come up by the back door. And this weekend's forecast is calling for sun and temps in the mid-50's, as good as it gets for January!

RANTWICK said...

Good God, man, it is only late January! That is all I wish to say at this time.

Steve A said...

Spring arrives early in North Texas!

Bo Jiser said...

First time poster... I feel like I'm calling in to a radio program. I moved to DFW from Maryland in July and I just started cycle-commuting two Fridays ago to Bell's Hurst plant! This weather feels great to me because I barely sweat at all. The problem is what to do when it warms up - I don't think there are showers at work.

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