Sunday, January 2

Resolution Forgotten

Lately, I've taken up swimming again; a habit that had fallen into disuse when I was commuting to Alliance Airport. I just didn't feel like going to the gym after spending three hours in the saddle. When I hurt my shoulder, it took a while for unrestricted operation and swimming seemed like a good rehabilitation for the shoulder. What's more, swimming is an excellent complementary exercise for a bike commuter since it builds upper body strength. What's still more, According to my own analysis, I need to start going to the gym a couple of times a week, though just going there accomplishes most of the calorie burning needed.

Anyway, yesterday, I blithely rode to the gym to go swimming, having forgotten what day it was. Well, the first clue was the full parking lot (none of these new resolvers rode their bikes to the gym, however). The second clue was there were a lot of people swimming, so I forgot about swimming and took the opportunity for a nice, warm sauna.

We need some bad weather to get all these New Year's Resolutions forgotten a bit quicker. Either that or I'll have to hold off on the swimming for a few more weeks.

On the good news front, all the bikes are back to being fully operational, I managed to get our Internet fixed (no thanks to ATT) and I'll have the New Year to experiment with various bag and shower strategies.

And, out of curiosity, just HOW DID the Huskies beat those children of the corn?

Older Photo of Frankenbike at the Gym, on a North Texas Snowy Day.
Yesterday Looked About the same Except I was Parked about Three Feet to the Left.


limom said...

You know, I've thinking about swimming lately.

Velouria said...

funny post : )
Happy New Year to you and yours!

Big Oak said...

Good luck on the swimming, that's a great exercise. I hope it helps your shoulder.

Trevor Woodford said...

I walked along our seafront here yesterday and there were a couple of guys swimming- temperature was below freezing....! Not for me - the indoor pool is the only way.

John Romeo Alpha said...

I wish I could swim with more grace than a crazed dog desperately trying to get to shore. I like water. Just never mastered the technique. Good luck with your swimming. It sound like you have the appropriate bicycle for any eventuality.

Chandra said...

Have fun swimming and I hope your shoulder feels better soon!
Peace :)

cycler said...

Don'y you hate the new year's rush at the gym?
I'm sure it will abate soon ;) Hope the sauna wasn't too crowded!
I've tried swimming and pool running and just can't get into either. I wish I could because it's so good for you!
To me, one of the joys of cycling for transportation is that you can get exercise while "doing something else" instead of having a special time and place for it.

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