Sunday, January 16

Shifty Shiftless

Bike Swap Meets Can Get Spendy!
My original plan was to accompany the rest of the family to New Orleans this weekend for an Irish Dancing contest, but they dashed off, leaving me to my own devices this weekend. Conveniently enough, there was a swap meet in south Fort Worth and I was drawn - like a moth to a flame.

I understand better now why women's clothing stores always have a sale going on - it gives the ladies an excuse for their purchases. "Dear, it was 50% off!" Well, I'll tell my wife this stuff was a great deal as well, but I think she's on to that scam. Besides the brake stuff, I got a Topeak pump for a buck. Now, I'm regretting not buying the $10 rear rack. "It was a great deal!"

I went "shiftless" for one of our old bikes. I went "shifty" for the raggedy ol' road bike. Now I need to find a SRAM derailleur to go with the SRAM shifters. Buddy's got SRAM and it makes Shimano seem pretty lame - IMO.

Bike Shop Mini at the Swap Meet


limom said...

Nice score!
I got a spare set of celeste hoods here.
If you need em.

Steve A said...

Thanks, but the shifters came with black SRAM hoods that I didn't include in the photo. Besides, celeste hoods on a red Cannondale? Surely you jest!

I DID see a pair of celeste water bottle cages...

Justine Valinotti said...

Yes, you did well, Steve.

FWIW: I always liked Celeste best as a trim or accent color on black, dark blue or dark grey bikes. On a red bike, no.

John Romeo Alpha said...

It always seems that the good deals you find at swap meets lead to more swap meets.

Trevor Woodford said...

Yes you did well. My Wife never believes the stuff about the bargains I've bought any more either.

Chandra said...

Good for you!
Peace :)

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