Tuesday, February 1

Second Pass of the Luftwaffe

The Scene Looking Out the Front Door Didn't Look Real Promising. This is "Freezing Rain?"
 Last year, in a post here, I related how, in the movie, "the Longest Day," the Luftwaffe left their warm bases and made a token strafing pass over the invasion beaches at Normandy, and then returned to base when the pilots saw how ridiculous it was to send a couple of fighters against the massive Allied Invasion. It was an apropos theme for my own cycling foray out into the snow.

This year, the Luftwaffe was a little more determined. And a little brighter in yellow rain gear as well (just in case a Channel rescue might be required). As with all prudent aviators (and cyclists), the onset of less than ideal weather suggested extra caution and I elected to extend out the "check" portion of the "ABC Quick Check."

Our Intrepid Cyclist Looks SO Visible in that Yellow Raingear When Illuminated With the Camera's Flash.
The Ski Goggles Were Donned for the First Time this Winter. Yippee!
That P7 Head Light is Bright, Even With a Flash.
Mode Share on This Street - Bicycles at 100%, Autos at ZERO

I found that the bike went forward fairly well in the accumulated mix of sleet and snow after a bit of start-up wheelspin. However, I was less than impressed with its stopping ability. While the brakes on this bike stop tolerably in regular rain, they seem to give up the ghost when the water on the rims is in a solid form. Not wanting to give up the ghost personally, the Luftwaffe returned to base, having made a second pass over the beaches and finding it would be unwise to do more. Perhaps that is why BMW was so enthused about buying Land Rover not too many years back. Perhaps Churchill was wrong. In Texas, maybe we ARE made of sugar candy...

Luftwaffe Returns to Base - From Wikipedia

Yes, I DID go further than last year. NO, I think I might drive to work again tomorrow, which would mean I'll have driven to work more in February than in the previous two months combined. I may have moved beyond "just a fair weather cyclist," but Texas ice storms may require serious equipment upgrades - like Buddy. If this continues, I may resort to mounting the Vittorias on Buddy.


Big Oak said...

Be safe out there.

Chandra said...

Wow --- that's great! I chose to stay home, though I missed having coffee at work.

Peace :)

Steve A said...

Big Oak - ALWAYS

Chandra - I took a thermos in with me, and wore my bike helmet to walk in across the ice from the Land Rover (it just seemed sensible since walking across slick ice is MUCH more dangerous than riding the bike). I was the safest pedestrian at work today.

John Romeo Alpha said...

If the choice is between sliding on my bike or sliding in my car, I'm with Chandra on staying home. Although I think I would ensure coffee supply forward positioning once I saw the weather forecast, just in case.

Oldfool said...

You guys are all nuts and Steve is the leader or maybe I'm just a wimp. 67* and light rain today so I stayed indoors.

limom said...

You sir are a brave soul.
Half an Iron Cross for even taking the bike out.

Steve A said...

Y'all can consider this bicycle safety training. In our LCI seminar, we found that the cyclists with the lowest accident rates rode every day, in all weather. Don't y'all value your safety?

Actually, reading that paragraph above, maybe Oldfool has a point!

Tracy W. said...

Probably a wise choice, Grasshopper. My wife made that same excursion...in the Prius! Based on that outcome and the fact that her office closed for the 2nd day, she elected to get up and drive me to the office today SO SHE COULD KEEP THE JEEP!

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