Monday, March 7

Guns, Bikes, and Chains

 Despite where I got this product from, and my occasional thoughts, expressed on CycleDog that "open carry for cyclists" might be the ideal jersey in order to make motorists ponder the wisdom of harassing any cyclist, this post isn't really ABOUT guns. Instead, it's about a product I've seen little about; applied to bikes. More specifically, this product is applied to bike CHAINS. This was prompted by the WD-40 controversy about the use of WD-40 as a bike chain lube. Comments about that led me to look further into far-ranging discussions about WD-40, which led me to THIS SITE and THIS SITE, which led me to wonder about this "Eezox." Before you knew it, I discovered that Eezox made a cycling-specific chain lube product. So that nobody confuses it with their gun products, they call it "Eezox CYCLE tune-up." Thank goodness that they resisted the temptation to make hay with the notion of bicycles "shot from guns."

My eBay Source is Circled
And there you have it. To make a long story short, Eezox wasn't available from any local bike shop. What's more, around DFW, it didn't appear to be readily available from anyone else. In all honesty, I didn't spend a day cruising gun stores, but nobody locally advertised the stuff in a web search. I wound up getting it from eBay. I don't think the primary market for this vendor are cyclists. But, "they had the good stuff." Actually, I would have preferred something to get dripped on the chain and cassette rather than a spray bottle, but that wasn't an option.

As with many lubes, the toughest part of applying the Eezox is getting the existing chain clean. Simple Green, water rinse, and elbow grease in several cycles does the trick. The actual application is simplicity itself; simply spray on the inside surface of the chain and on the cassette. Let it all dry. NOW comes the interesting part; namely how does this stuff last and can you simply do a "wipe and apply." For the record, the chain I applied the Eezox to has about 1500-2000 miles on it and the cassette has 6000 miles. It is a ten-speed SRAM chain and a Shimano cassette.

Is this the Wonder Product that Actually DOES What Some Hope WD-40 Might Do?
Stay Tuned. If it is Worthless, Take Comfort that it is Also Hard to Find Accidentally


limom said...

This looks interesting.
Can you use it on guns too?

Steve A said...

I imagine that you could use it on guns, but Eezox makes several products specifically FOR guns which proably would do better with a thinner lube than chains. I was very impressed with tests of Eezox compared to any other product. It is certainly simple to apply to a chain.

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