Monday, March 14

A World of Difference

Dawn Comes Late This Time of Year. THAT Means Sunset is Also Getting Later
Last year, making my v2 commute, I bemoaned the return of daylight savings time. Last year, it meant I returned to the period of total darkness for almost the entire hour and a half ride in to work. I don't mind riding in the dark, but a long ride in the dark, every morning, gets me a little down.

THIS YEAR, the return of DST was an entirely different situation. Between the shorter commute time and the mighty P7 light, a dark morning commute is quite different. THIS YEAR, the return of a dark commute means extra daylight AFTER work and THAT means I can do extra exploring after work in full daylight. The TRE train, in particular, beckons. In contrast to last year, where the TRE was a full hour's ride from work, now, it is just across the street from work and down the block.

P7 Bike Light to the Left, VW Jetta Lights to the Right
7:40 was the hour of dawn this morning. I'd been at work the better part of an hour. The TRE beckons!

The TRE May be a Waste of Taxpayer Money, But I'll Ride It!


Chandra said...

We should take the TRE and go explore Ft. W sometime. May be there will be another CycleBabble event?

Peace :)

John Romeo Alpha said...

Those lights on the TRE don't look bright enough. They may need to borrow your bicycle light.

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