Thursday, April 7

Combination of Events

Tarrant County May Not Have a Lot of Bluebells, but there ARE Other Choices
Really, it's been pretty boring around here lately. I've been dilgently looking for North Texas wild flowers but have not seen a single Bluebell, such as you may have seen on other blogs. What's more, tax day is not far away and yours truly has got some 'splaining to do, which I'm diligently attempting to do. Being retired from one job while working at another gives "soak the rich" a whole different spin. In the meantime, take a look at these little gems, seen along my route home earlier this week.

PS: I drove the Land Rover today for the first time in a while (after getting home from work). It needed gas. I'm AMAZED at how little gas $20 buys nowadays...


John Romeo Alpha said...

Steve, it would be excellent if the Texas bluebells would opt to bloom while we're working on this year's tax 'splaining.

Anonymous said...

Hey, those look like the Missouri Primrose I'll have blooming in my back yard in about a month. How'd they get to Texas?

Chandra said...

Your knowledge of gas prices may far exceed mine, but even based on my observed range of gas prices since 1993, $20 buys very little gas these days.

One more reason to ride that bicycle. which you do!

Peace :)

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