Wednesday, April 20

A New Meaning for "Burning Up the Night"

My P7 light has always been a bit suspect, though it really DOES burn through the darkness. Apertome reported that an almost identical "SSC" light was getting recalled. Well, today, I saw the recall notice. It may be found here. It's a joint press release from CPSC and Health Canada. Interestingly enough, the recall was quite specific, considering that basically the same product has been sold under many different names.

Also, interestingly, when I went out to look over my own box and instructions carefully, I didn't find ANY of the information contained in the recall, though my battery looks like a "Series I." I guess it didn't occur to CPSC that the light might be sold by other outfits than the one that initiated the voluntary recall. They ask if people have had OTHER problems with lights from the indicated supplier, but not if people have the same light from other suppliers. Our government at work...

Regardless, my light continues to work well and I've never noticed the batteries even getting hot, much less burning up the night. Considering that it seems to have been better designed than at least two different Cateye headlights, and it hasn't even broken ONCE (unlike Cateye) I think I'll continue to use it, since I have no idea where I'd send it back to.

P7 Light at Left. VW Jetta High Beams at Right.

P7 Light Looking All Innocent

P7 Light in the Morning

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, got a recall notice on my Magic Shine 900 as well. I've been using it for 2.5 years with no problems with the battery so maybe mine predates the problem. I'll probably send it in and get the replacement, but may just buy another MS light set from Geoman Gear with the new improved battery pack and keep this one on the backup bike.

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