Thursday, April 28

This One's For YOU

Among other things, this blog has an educational purpose. It isn't to preach about how "you ought to do this or you ought to do that." Rather, it's is more of an "I've observed these things when I ride this way, such and such says it might be this way and that might be useful for you as well" approach.

It isn't real catchy marketing, and it depends on people trying stuff and seeing what works for them in their own situations. Often, it is hard to tell if things make any difference at all to anyone else. However, on rare occasions, feedback says that people are making connections for themselves that work. Most recently, this occurred on my "Four Hundred" post. Specifically, Big Oak wrote:

"You've helped me to become a more aware bike commuter through your posts, especially around construction areas. I also ride more "vehicularly" than I used to thanks to you."

and Rat Trap Press wrote:

"I'm much more assertive in my riding after reading your blog. Thanks."

Presumably, what all this means is these guys saw SOMETHING that made sense to them, each of them tried it, and found it made their cycling life better in some way. THAT means the world to me. Thanks. This post is for you and the others who have also seen something here that helped their riding be better for having read it. Of course, there's also a simpler explanation: what would one expect of a Tricross owner and a Fort Worth resident?


Big Oak said...

Steve, you're welcome. I find myself reading lots of biking blogs and I most often don't comment. I put a Feedjit Live Traffic Feed on my blog and have been amazed by the visitors.

I suspect that there are many, many people who read your blog and get a lot out of it, but don't comment. Maybe Tricross owners are just more vocal than other bike riders?

Steve A said...

Personally, I like to think Tricross owners are SMARTER than the average cyclist because of their wise bike choices. The thought that they are "just more vocal" seems like an UGLY thought!

John Romeo Alpha said...

I believe I first saw the Effective Cycling book on your blog. That made sense to me, and I definitely use it!

Oldfool said...

I don't always comment but I always read. And learn.

Justine Valinotti said...

Steve: It occured to me that many people have come to your blog without knowing about Forester's book, for example. That you are helping to spread his wisdom by showing how it applies to your daily riding is an invaluable service, and not only for those of us who'd read Effective Cycling long before seeing your (or, for that matter, any other) blog. Thank you.

MamaVee said...

thanks! I actually have your in my head at moments where I feel nervous. Sometimes I do things and think Steve would be proud! Sometimes I run for the sidewalk.

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