Monday, May 9

Hot Flat

I imagine most cyclists, if a flat occurs on a hot day, a house or two before reaching home, thank their lucky stars and walk the bike into the house. On the other hand, when outbound on a long ride, they'll fix the tire. I'm no different than most in this regard.

However, where do various people draw the line between fixing a flat on the road and limping the bike home? Today, I got a flat on the rear tire (the one with about 6700 miles on the tire) about two miles from home on the way home. It was over 90F and the leak seemed slow enough that it was simply easier to pump up the tire, go a couple of blocks, and then pump it up some more. SOMEHOW, despite the periodic effort of using the mini pump, it seemed better than fixing the flat in the hot sun.

Maybe I've just gone soft...

A Bit of Effort Seemed to Beat Changing the Tire in the Hot Sun Today

Even Though Roadside Conditions Were Much Better Than in THIS Tire Change Photo


Justine Valinotti said...

I've done the same. If the weather very hot or cold, and/or I'm within a mile or two of home, I'll simply pump the tire and cross my fingers--unless, of course, it's obvious that the flat is more than a "slow leak."

Big Oak said...

I would have the same dilemma - do I change the tire along the road in this blazing sun? Or, can I baby this thing along, and fix the tire in the shade in my garage? With, say, a cold beverage?

I would have chosen the latter.

Pondero said...

Yeah. I think it depends on conditions...the work area, and the weather. It is beginning to be the time of year to keep shady areas in mind.

thomas said...

If I were wearing cleats... I would have fixed it. If not, pump and ride for a slow leak.

limom said...

That's called limping home.

MamaVee said...

( I don't know how to fix a flat. I've walked 1.5 miles to the bike shop once and second time had met a friend who ended up giving me a ride to bike shop. I need to learn but just haven't. so I'm clearly in the walk. when I go far from home I pray :-) )

Trevor Woodford said...

I would have done the are not going soft it just seems a sensible decision..!

Mind you if I had been wearing SPDs I would have cursed and walked bare foot..!


Chandra said...

IMHO I would prefer to change the tube instead of fixing the flat on the side of the road, at least on a bike where the wheel is easy to remove and put back.

I am not sure what to think of this weather, yet!

Peace :)

Steve A said...

I was wearing SPD shoes. They aren't bad to walk in, but they DO work better to drive the pedals in a limp home than to walk.

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