Friday, June 17

Going the Wrong Way Can be Right

No, I haven't suddenly turned into a cyclist that rides against traffic. Rather, this is an observation that even a route ridden frequently can, when viewed from the opposite direction, reveal a whole host of curious and odd sights never before noticed.

This morning, for no particular reason, I decided to ride a route that I only ride once every week or two on the way home from work. As with many commuters, there are differences between the morning commute route and the evening route. In addition, I will sometimes take this particular route because it has good shade. Good shade is not something to search out in the early morning.

Well, amazingly enough, though I've ridden this route in the OTHER direction at least a dozen times, all the photos below were noticed today, for the first time. Yup, going the wrong way really CAN be right!

Many Texas Mailboxes Have Stone Surrounds. This is the First That I've Seen That Looked Like a Cat

One of Two Gargoyles Keeping a Watch Over the Street

I'm Not Sure WHAT This Is, But it Looks Pretty Odd!

A Sign of the Locale. In Washington State, it Would Have Been a Picture of a Salmon. I'd Never Actually Noticed These Tags Anywhere Before

ET - I Think We're Gonna Have a TRACTOR Convoy!

Regular House - Decorated Fence. Including the Obligatory Texas Star

Tetrahedral House - Obligatory Texas Star and More in the Skylights, Finished Off by a Flagpole with a US and Texas Flag

In Some Ways, the Oddest Sight was this Private Residence that Looked a Lot Like the Parthenon. Southern Style! No Texas Stars Here. Home to Tara?


Chandra said...

Love the tractor! I remember I had a wind-up tractor when I was a kid. I even made a trailer to attach to it, using the Mechano (Erector) set I had.

Peace :)

Khal said...

Yep. Riding a street "backwards" can be a whole new ride!

Justine Valinotti said...

I'm the sort of person who's always asking, "How did that end up there?" That, for me, is part of what makes riding a new route--or an old one in a new way--so interesting.

I love all of those objects. And I agree that it is pretty strange to see, amidst all of that, a house that looks like the Parthenon--and no Texas star!

Anonymous said...

Love the tractor and that vine covered unidentifiable thing behind the fence. The best thing about bike riding, is how you can notice all sorts of things that you'd miss if you took the car.

MAC is wack said...

That mystery object appears to be an old playground stagecoach out of its original habitat. I fear precious few are still in existence.

Steve A said...

MAC, it make one wonder what else might be in the back 40, eh?

Anonymous said...

Love the Parthenon house. What a beautiful sight here in Texas.

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