Tuesday, June 28

Two Years Ago Today

My Eldest, Posing Next to a Fine GM Product Outside Amarillo

I made my very first post on this blog. Lately, I've been reading about various and sundry "three foot passing" laws. Well, my first post was about a pass that was just over a foot away from my elbow. Revisit it here. Since then, I've written about many other encounters with my motorists - and the rare problem. Overall, they're a pretty congenial bunch.

Frankenbike in 2009 - Before Kermit


Rat Trap Press said...

Congratulations on hitting the 2 year mark. It's been interesting.

Anonymous said...

Happy 2 Year Birthday-Blog Day!

Big Oak said...

Yea, congratulations. I've enjoyed reading what you've posted!

John Romeo Alpha said...

Congratulations, I think that deserves another bike added to the stable.

limom said...

bon anniversaire!

Justine Valinotti said...

This blog is both enjoyable and relevant. Keep up the good work!

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