Sunday, July 10

Nemesis Road Again

Nemesis Road; Colleyville, Texas
In my post here, I wrote about the possibly brain-damaged road designers that were responsible for the loss of function in Colleyville of Glade Road in favor of non-functional "pretty median" design.

On Friday, I learned that the loss in functionality affects people other than cyclists. A fire truck on an emergency call was westbound on Glade. You can imagine that passing was pretty stressful for that fire truck with that "pretty" median. I hope the people at the truck's destination didn't suffer (or worse) due to the poor road design. On my way home, I saw a guy on a bike trying to "be nice and ride far right" while riding down Glade. That is shown in the photo below. I followed discretely behind (I was going to turn left at the next street in any event), you can imagine this guy might have a lot of "close pass" stories. I was taught, as a cyclist, one should NEVER compromise one's safety simply to hug the curb. Perhaps this photo should be kept for any police officer not liking a cyclist controlling the lane on this street. Maybe this guy will someday decide to enable a "teachable moment." Maybe he'll simply wonder why motorists treat him poorly. Regardless, nobody honked at him and I don't think anyone would have really begrudged the 15 or 20 second delay that passing him safely might have entailed.

You Tell Me, How Would One Pass This Cyclist Safely? Several Motorists Passed Him Anyway After I Made My Left Turn
There IS a "Safe Routes to Shcool MUP to His Right, But it Ends in About 50 Feet and is Pretty Dangerous Even Before Then.
Today, I decided that riding is not all about saving a buck. Instead of getting my hair cut at my usual place, along Glade, in Colleyville, I got it cut at a shop in Bedford. The bike had its own place of honor while I got my ears lowered. Looking at the photo below, I'm thinking I may need to look into getting a rubber foot for my kickstand. One would NOT want to be ungracious!

Good Connectivity and Lots of Competition Mean that in North Texas, 
One Doesn't Have to Patronize Establishments Penalized by Brain Damaged Road Designers
These Guys Had No Bike Rack Out Front, but I'd Say They are "Bike Friendly" Anyway.

I Got My Hot Coffee Two Doors Down Afterwards. Advantage to Bedford over Colleyville

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