Friday, July 1

Shivering in Texas for Canada Day

Buddy in the Background. Helmet on the Table. Stuff in the Frigid Interior
Today is my mom's birthday. It is also "Canada Day." When I was much younger, it was called "Dominion Day," but we're more egalitarian nowadays, even though the Queen is still on a lot of the money.

Anyway, in honor of the great north, I imbibed my coffee this afternoon inside in air conditioned frigidity rather than sit outside next to the bike where it was pleasantly warm. It was so cold inside that the ice in the triple filtered ice water hardly shrunk at all. The temperature outside? I have no idea but it was somewhere between 95F and 100F. July in North Texas is pretty predictable...

For my reader(s) north of the border, I leave you with memory of the Queen's Canadian Banner. Just be thankful I didn't embed THIS link once again!

Queen's Canadian Flag. More Properly Known as "The Royal Standard of Canada"

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Anonymous said...

... and remember, in Canada, it's the Queen of Canada, not England...!

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