Sunday, August 28

Doubling Down

I Suspect Most of the Water in this Creek is from Irrigation Runoff in our Severe Drought
This has been a pretty toasty North Texas summer. We came in second all time in monthly 100+ days, we came in second all time in consecutive 100+ days, and we are currently second in annual 100+ days. Perhaps even worse, we've been setting records for "highest low" temperature.

Don't Forget Sunblock!
You can see the weariness in some of my fellow bloggers. They simply haven't been riding a whole lot. If I wasn't commuting, I'd be in much the same boat. Luckily, I've elected to double down on my commute and ride throughout and regardless of the weather. That decision has made this summer much more pleasant than it would have been otherwise, because hot weather riding really isn't all that bad if you get acclimated.

And, in truth, in North Texas we have some advantages over our northern brethren. If, for example, you are considering a mid winter commute in, say, Minneapolis, you have to make your "bike or car" decision right at the moment when the cold is at its worst. In Texas, on the other hand, on those days where it is really hot, you leave for the daily commute right when the day's weather is most pleasant. And then you are committed.

Still, that doesn't explain why I have ridden every day this summer, even when I got sick. I'm not sure I know myself other than, after a while, it partly becomes a matter of not letting the weather get you down and partly of moving further beyond the boundaries of "fair weather cycling." Maybe, my brain just got cooked and I've gotten befuddled. Anyway, it seems best to double down and finish the hot streak to its end.

As of today, we've had 62 days where it got to 100F or higher. The record, set in 1980, is 69. I think we're gonna fall short and hit another #2 spot.

Stopping for a Rest in the Shade is WONDERFUL When it is 105+ Out!


Chandra said...

I commend you on your commitment. I have commuted more days this summer than any summer since 2008, in spite of the heat. But, longer rides have been out of the question.

Be safe!

Peace :)

Big Oak said...

Congratulations on your accomplishment! That is quite a feat. We had 1 day that got to 98F, and that was unbearably hot. I can't imagine 2 whole months of that heat and hotter.

Pondero said...

Keep it up, tough guy. You are the only answer I have to Doug up in Duluth with his insane winter commutes. Its great to have a local example of toughness.

veesee said...

I'm still commuting in this heat (most days) but what I find is that when I do finally get home after work and after that commute, I'm exhausted. It means I'm sleeping better, sure, but it also means I'm less likely to leave my sweet, sweet air conditioning to go do anything else for the rest of the day (and that's a bummer)

And as sick as I am of second place, it is looking that way. High of 92 predicted for Friday? Hasn't that been the low for a while now? Totally rained on me going to work this morning!

Justin said...

I have been laying off, and it has hurt me - I did my normal commute on Sat and was barely moving at 11 mph average on the way home @4 pm. The morning was fine, average speed - that heat in the afternoon though...

jtgyk said...

I've missed most of my commuting, as my trip in is at 4:30 and during the hottest part of the day.

When I can get myself to ride in, the trip home isn't too bad in the 90's.

Jon said...

I've missed my commute, these past 6 weeks or so. After 4+ years in a row, having to stay off the bike due to injury is really annoying.

I kinda like the hot commutes, in Denver. But, it's nowhere near as hot or muggy here as it is in Tejas!

Steve A said...

Chandra is hard core, but I bet that new folder helped, too. Big Oak didn't mention that 98 around his parts is like 110 around DFW. Pondero will have me getting studded tires! I felt the same way as vesee, especially when I was sick and it was extra hot. I have a fix for Justin and he knows what it is, and it'll soon be a frigid 95 around here. I would have missed days for sure if I had to leave home in 105F heat as jtgyk does. In summer, it pays to work first shift. As for Jon, his epic commute streak is one of my inspirations, though I have zero chance of duplicating it.

John Romeo Alpha said...

By degree measurement it was hotter here in PHX today (112F) than Dallas, but that humidity you have there really takes its toll. I have stuck with my bike all summer, and don't even think about using the car anymore. People think I'm crazy though so this is not a recommendation.

Steve A said...

JRA, you are a bad influence on me as you will see with my next post. We only hit 102 today as a result of some morning showers. A shower is quite pleasant at dawn when it is in the low 80s.

Justin said...

I know what my fix is - and I am fixing it. Damn it do hurt though.

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