Monday, August 1

Hot and Not So Hot

It's been a bit seasonably warm around here lately. Today, we hit 31 consecutive days where the high was 100F or higher. It also hit a record high for the day of 107. Since our streak continues and the forecast over the next week is for more of the same, the all-time 100F streak of 1980 looks vulnerable. Kowabunga!

HOT Brake Levers
Pondering things, I considered something that is hot on the bike, and something that is not so hot. First, the hot. Aluminum or steel brake levers can burn one's fingers if gloves are not present. Buddy has aluminum cross top levers, shown above.

ON THE OTHER HAND, on a day such as today, the finer points of carbon brake levers are truly appreciated. In this case, Buddy's main brake levers. It made me want to stop all the more, just to experience the cool-to-the-touch carbon levers. Just sayin'.

Carbon Levers are Cool to the Touch on a Day Such as Today
For anybody with any curiosity, I'll say right up front that I haven't driven my bike to work every day this month. I missed the 4th of July. The last time I drove to work was the the week after the picture at the bottom of this post.

This Picture Looks Pretty Sweet Just About Now!


John Romeo Alpha said...

It's been so hot for so long the adhesive on my handlebar electrical tape has started to melt and lose its grip. Gorilla tape seems to have an adhesive with a higher melting point, but it is unforgiving and will tear the bar tape itself if you try to reposition it.

limom said...

Been a while since I've heard someone say they "drove" their bike.
In fact, maybe never.
Then again, I heard you can "drive" cows.

limom said...

Oh and the carbon goodness is cool in more ways than one.

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