Wednesday, August 31

Motorists are NOT the Problem

My regular reader may have noticed that my motorists and I generally get along without any drama. They do not want to run into anything and I don't want them to run into me, which creates a basis for harmony.

However, I have less pleasant thoughts towards those who create conflicts between my motorists and me. It is what they did when they created my Nemesis Road. It is what they do when they create needlessly dangerous traffic channels. It gets almost personal when they put down Bott's Dots that can endanger cyclists and bollards that definitely can cripple or kill cyclists. These people aren't on the road with me and my motorists and most of them have no clue how cyclists can best operate safely. Even AAHSTO Standards seem to be ignored routinely.

While these sort may label themselves as engineers, many are not worthy of that designation. It is time to take a few new photos, of the latest road where these clowns have messed up a perfectly good road without helping anyone.


Chandra said...

I agree with you. Botts' Dotts can send a cyclist off balance. However, one can possibly use the "Rock Dodge" technique to avoid them, if push comes to shove? I know they have some similar markers for fire hydrants; these are blue. They are a hazard too. Why not blue paint?

Wonder what Mr. Elbert Botts was thinking...

Peace :)

cliff said...

Chandra, they need to be reflective
so that the firemen can find the
hydrants at night.

Chandra said...

Thanks. Can't they use reflective paint?

Steve A said...

My photos I took today and tomorrow illustrate how creatively traffic engineers can use lots of dots that they no doubt got really cheaply due to a volume discount. Actually, they weren't very creative. Actually, it just looked like they were going through the motions of reciting from an irrelevant script. Lots of dots, however! Thankfully, they didn't have as much money to waste as their Colleyville counterparts.

Tim said...

I love your opening: "They do not want to run into anything and I don't want them to run into me, which creates a basis for harmony."

This is the kernel of wisdom that all cyclists should take with them when they ride. To me it is always about communication and consideration of other users of the road.

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